🪙Token Utility

The value of the real assets of Chrisworld, the largest glamping resort in Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, and all the value of the business that will be linked to it will also be included to back up the price of the token.

The value of tokens has evolved from traditional tokens, which did not have the value of real-world assets and were therefore unable to avoid inflation, to tokens that behave more like real-world assets, allowing them to retain their value.

  1. The core native token of the future Chris World Asset ecosystem

  2. Act as a tangible reward for investment participation.

  3. Governance token (voting rights) role in CWA DAO. (Decide the direction of the business of Chris World The Residence and the direction of the business of CWA)

  4. Included in paragraph 2, granting Chris World The Residence, Inc. and the CWA Platform rights to the present and future value assets of the CWA Platform.

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