📱CWA Golf & Leisure Platform

Recent security concerns have made it difficult to enjoy leisure activities with peace of mind. To improve the risky centralized structure where the company's central server manages personal information, CWA creates a golf and accommodation booking platform that introduces a distributed identity management system based on the DID blockchain that allows customers to use the service without having to disclose their identity information.

Soon, CWA Golf & Leisure will be implementing Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology to ensure your privacy is our top priority. By using ZKP, customers will be able to prove their reservation time or membership status, while not having to disclose sensitive personal information in the process. This is accomplished through verification logic embedded in blockchain smart contracts.

The contract code cryptographically verifies that the customer's booking data is valid, but does not reveal its contents to the outside world. This provides customers with a safer and more reliable booking experience, and further enhances the transparency and reliability of our system. In the future, this technology will improve the user experience and help us set a new standard for security in our services.

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