🏄Korean Topgolf

It’s no secret the Topgolf merger/acquisition has put Topgolf Callaway into a different stratosphere. Direct revenue of $1.477 billion, plus another $72 million in ancillary advertising income, will do that for you.

As mentioned, Topgolf now is the biggest revenue segment in the company. It accounts for 39 percent of Topgolf Callaway sales. Golf Equipment comes in at 35 percent.

출처 : https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/topgolf-callaway-2022-financials-4-billion-almost/

Topgolf Callaway's second quarter revenue increased 5.7% year-over-year to $1.18 billion. Net income increased 11% to $117 million. Topgolf revenue increased 16.6% to $470 million.

Source: Golf Issue (http://www.golfissue.com)

As shown above, Topgolf is a good example of a golf leisure entertainment business. Therefore, ChrisWorld, which is in the leisure business, sees the combination of water leisure and golf as an opportunity to pioneer the new field of multi-leisure and create a very unique water leisure brand.

We will also create utilization value by enabling the purchase of indoor golf + water leisure brand memberships through CWA.

ChrisWorld is planning to merge with SmartGolf, a domestic screen golf company. Smartgolf is a company whose largest shareholder is Mr. Park Ji-hyung(Chris), our General Manager of Operations, and although there is no specific schedule for the merger yet, the merger ratio will be determined through a trusted accounting firm if the merger proceeds.

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