The CWA project offers an innovative solution to the problem of investment risk in blockchain and DeFi projects.

The total value of ChrisWorld's reserve, at least KRW 35 billion, is utilized as a risk hedge to support the value of ChrisWorld Asset Token (CWA). It is determined in proportion to the amount raised in the initial fundraising (private, public sale, launchpad, etc.) and reflects the asset value in a 1:1 ratio.

CWA adopts an approach that simplifies the investment process, maximizes profitability, and minimizes risk. In particular, the value of CWA is supported by the shares owned by Chris (CEO Park Ji-hyung) (more than 95% of the total shares), and the value of CWA tokens will increase as the value of the entity increases and revenue increases in the future.

As detailed on the crowdfunding site above, as of today, the issuing entity of the CWA, Chris World The Residence Corporation, has an enterprise value of KRW 35,046,648,000 (through real estate owned by the corporation and corporate revenues), which in itself has the effect of backing the value of the CWA.

In addition, the value of this real asset is used as collateral to protect against possible risks of cryptocurrency investment, and is utilized as a kind of CWA ecosystem-specific concept of Reserve Requirement Assets, which is a minimum protection device for investors.

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