🚰CWA Liquidity Pool

  • The foundation has provided initial liquidity to enable trading of CWA on the VELO exchange, ensuring trade liquidity.

  • A liquidity pool has been created for depositing CWA and receiving VELO tokens as interest. (This will commence after finalizing discussions with the Velodrome team and securing a whitelist - refer to the image above for details.)

CWA - Velodrome Liquidity Pool management wallet address: 0xBf5C936e5a4DAF6C34F67a06a4D471c5C2fa8468

CWA - Velodrome Liquidity Pool contract address (CWA∞USDC) The foundation has deposited $25,000 worth of CWA-USDC LP tokens. : 0x514368971b20656Ba6664EA87aAAe7eDd34913D0 https://optimistic.etherscan.io/address/0x514368971b20656Ba6664EA87aAAe7eDd34913D0

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