" The world's capital markets, including Korea's, have been divided into traditional securities markets and virtual asset markets. In South Korea, the Virtual Asset Law Regulation passed the plenary session of the National Assembly in June 2023, recognizing the virtual asset market as a legitimate investment market. In this virtual asset market, Chris World Asset, CWA, will be a key project driving RWA, a category that is currently the most important and will be the main of this market in the future. "

Chriswold Asset adds the utilization of real-world assets to the existing concept of crypto assets. (Real World Asset) It is an extension of the existing traditional financial assets to the financial market between crypto assets on the blockchain.

CWA is tokenizing an entity that is currently valued at approximately $35 million, allowing investors to invest in the current and future value of Chris World's business in an easy and smart way. In addition, it is a method that has the advantages of utilizing crypto assets as above, but is more stable than existing crypto investments (because there are assets to be guaranteed).

In order for real-world assets to be valued and utilized as assets on-chain, not only must the logic of the smart contract be valid, but the linkage between the blockchain and real-world assets must be thoroughly managed and supervised. Therefore, CWA's contract and supervision structure is logical and valid to ensure that the CHRIS ecosystem is properly and sustainably maintained.

We are confident that the decentralized finance market will grow and do more. However, the platform we envision for CHRIS still has some challenges to be solved. To solve them, we need the participation, suggestions, validation, and sufficient data from various participants. (ChrisDAO is launching soon with the birth of CWA)

At CHRIS, we're always looking for everyone's input, which is why we're presenting our thoughts and research in this document.

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