While Ethereum is still one of the most used networks, it is still criticised for being imperfect as a financial network due to its high transaction fees and long transaction confirmation times. It's expensive and slow.

Several scaling solution projects have emerged to address these issues, the most popular of which is Optimistic-Rollup. While it takes a relatively long time for a transaction to be irrevocably confirmed, it has the great advantage of being ready for immediate use and low cost. -Source: https://kr.beincrypto.com/learn-kr/what-is-optimism/

Chris World Asset Token (CWA) will be initially issued on the Optimism Network, an Ethereum Layer 2 network.

In the future, the CWA token will be used for various purposes, including a blockchain-based golf and accommodation platform and the CWA DAO.

Therefore, fast transfer speeds and low transaction fees are essential, so we chose the Optimism Network, which is currently the fastest, lowest gas cost (fee), and most stable Ethereum Layer 2 network.

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