🏝️Famous resort brand

Currently, ChrisWorld is in discussions with a well-known resort chain to introduce the brand. (As soon as the additional construction costs for branding are finalized, we will proceed with the branding process.)

ChrisWorld is in the process of introducing brands with well-known brands due to its geopolitical location (ChrisWorld is the only large site with both water and mountains in the metropolitan area that has not yet been introduced by a major resort chain) and diverse consumer targets (the consumer targets will become more diverse in the future with the introduction of screen park golf simulators).

The successful launch and funding of CWA will allow the brand to score higher in the liquidity assessment, further solidifying the brand's viability for introduction, easing the burden of PF financing and accelerating the process. Following the launch of the CWA, we will provide more details on the unveiling and timeline of the resort brands to be introduced this year. The introduction of a well-known resort brand will dramatically increase the value of the current ChrisWorld resorts in a very stable manner, and the company's revenues and profits will increase dramatically in the future. This will naturally lead to more CWA tokens being burned and appreciating in value, and the synergy will benefit both investors and the company in terms of return on investment and funding for brand adoption.

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