🟢What is CWA?

The CWA project is revolutionizing the leisure industry by combining cutting-edge technologies such as unique blockchain technology, distributed identity verification (DID), zero-knowledge proofs, and artificial intelligence (AI). The project leverages the security and transparency of blockchain to address privacy concerns in golf booking, screengolf, resort and accommodation booking services. The token's value is backed by over $35 million in real-world assets (RWA) from Chris World the Residence and its affiliated entities, while enhancing the customer experience with personalized golf lesson programs using AI. CWA is a trusted blockchain project based on technical precision and the solidity of its asset value.

The CWA project targets the $2 billion South Korean screen golf market and the $1.6 billion South Korean accommodation booking application market. The recent data breach of the largest screen golf company in South Korea has increased the need for privacy protection for many customers. The CWA project will become a leader in this market by introducing a blockchain DID decentralized identity authentication booking platform.

We also launched a golf lesson platform that leverages AI technology to collect detailed swing data with high-precision cameras and sensors, and analyze it with AI algorithms using machine learning and deep learning to provide improvements.

Key references

  1. CWA is a decentralized project that connects two types of finance: fiat and crypto.

  2. Anyone who recognizes the significance of the project can participate and contribute to the development of the project according to their share of CWA tokens. (DAO method)

  3. ChrisWorld The Residence Ltd. and the real estate owned by the corporation, as well as all businesses that will be based on it in the future, and the golf and leisure platform utilizing DID distributed identity, and the AI golf lesson platform business.

  4. ChrisWorld The Residence Ltd. aims to list the token on a centralized exchange (CEX) because the token grants rights to a legal entity, not an initial public offering (IPO). Therefore, we do not conduct an IPO and share the listing of the token as a key reference in the Docs.

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