Screen Golf Booking

According to the 'Korea Golf Industry White Paper 2022', the market size of the screen golf participation headquarters is KRW 2.1865 trillion, the total indoor golf market is KRW 3.5 trillion, and the total domestic golf market is KRW 17 trillion, so CWA's blockchain-enabled reservation platform can become an industry leader in the current situation with security issues by introducing an innovative blockchain system in a market with unlimited value creation.

The token to be utilized on the platform will be the CWA token, which will be issued on the Ethereum network, and the value of the CWA token will grow rapidly, not only in the domestic golf reservation market, but also in the international market, as the movement of tokens does not require the intervention of any institution due to the characteristics of the blockchain system, and the platform can be easily expanded to international markets. In addition, through the operation of this reliable blockchain platform, we will be able to manage customers' personal information without risk, which will allow us to secure a large amount of customer data and use AI technology to provide the world's first personalized 1:1 optimized golf lessons.

Therefore, since it is based on reliable, tamper-proof information that is stored securely and cannot be manipulated, it can fulfill the needs of a large segment of the golf population, which will also contribute significantly to the value of the CWA token that will be used to record this information.

Recently, a large Korean screen golf booking platform experienced security and service issues, including ransomware and leaked customer personal information. Even the largest booking platforms are still lacking in terms of security and service reliability. Therefore, CWA will build a golf course and screen golf course reservation platform that adopts a blockchain system that can completely solve these problems.

CWA will quickly build a reservation platform for golf courses and screen golf courses that adopt the blockchain system to solve market problems and occupy the market based on the accumulated know-how of Smart Golf's screen golf system development and operation.

While most platforms built to date are vulnerable to ransomware, DDOS attacks, and other attempts to hack into them as normal networks, platforms built on blockchain systems are structurally different and are completely unrelated to ransomware and other attempts to hack into normal networks (and are completely secure from attempts to hack into normal networks), and most blockchain networks are now completely secure from the only 51% of attacks that manipulate blockchain systems (see In particular, the Ethereum network, which CWA is launching for the first time, has been upgraded to PoS (Proof of Stake), making it a more secure network than Bitcoin, so CWA will soon have a highly secure golf booking platform.

By building a platform that allows reservations to be made with minimal information to be recorded on a tamper-proof and hack-proof blockchain network, the service will be more reliable, efficient, and stable for customers to use.

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