🫂Strengthen your community

Community is one of the core competencies of a blockchain project, and in some cases, community strength is often more important than technical merit. Chris, the CEO of Chris World Assets, is a YouTuber with more than 40,000 subscribers, and compared to other blockchain projects, YouTube is the most influential platform in the current era, which can greatly strengthen the community's communication and sense of belonging. In addition, as ChrisWorld YouTube will be expanded to domestic and international audiences in the future, CWA's domestic and international exposure can be further increased. (We have our own marketing capabilities)

KrisWorld Assets will also utilize the advantage of being a "real-world asset," which other blockchain projects do not have, to strengthen the power of the community.

Starting with the 1st CWA Holder Barbecue & Interaction at ChrisWorld, we will be organizing regular offline events to bring the community closer together.

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