📈Token Overview

$CWA is the platform's utility and governance token, holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits.

A cryptocurrency that will be the core of the CWA project, which will increase in value together by the burning process as the value of real assets increases, and will serve as a governance token for the CWA project and the company's operations, including compensation for investors' profits.

The CWA token is a multi-purpose utility token that can be used in the CWA Golf and Leisure booking system and AI Golf Lesson platform to drive user engagement and support the long-term success of the platform.

  • Payment method: You can use CWA tokens as a payment method for CWA Golf and Leisure services, such as golf course reservations, resort and accommodation bookings.

  • Access AI Golf Lessons: You can use CWA tokens to access personalized golf lessons using AI technology.

  • Rewards program: You can earn CWA tokens by providing golf lesson feedback, referring new users, contributing to the community, and more.

  • Participation in governance and decision-making: CWA token holders participate in key governance and decision-making processes within the platform and can provide input on service improvements and new feature development.

  • Access to exclusive content and events: Gain access to exclusive content, such as special golf events or resort promotions.

  • Subscription model: You can use CWA tokens as a subscription fee for certain premium services or features.

Best of all, holding CWA tokens is effectively the same as holding an ownership interest in the value of all assets of Chris World The Residences and its entities, including real estate and revenue. This provides economic value and rights similar to owning the value of stock in a corporation, and gives investors the benefit of a token tied to real asset value.

The CWA platform also adopts a fully blockchain-based decentralized payment method, allowing all booking system and product purchase payments to be made with CWA tokens, creating a completely private and secure environment.

The CWA token, which will be the core payment method on the CWA platform, will also be linked 1:1 to real-world assets, such as the value owned by the ChrisWorldTheResidence entity, to ensure that it retains its value.

CWA tokens will be listed on CEX after a private 1st-3rd round of sales to expand token distribution and increase the number of users of the CWA platform.

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